The LinuxDeploy process must be followed precisely, as any deviations can easily lead to errors.


  1. LinuxDeploy
  2. Xshell OR any other SSH terminal accessible on your local network
  3. ADB WiFi
  4. FRP
  5. MobileFun Toolbox

LinuxDeploy Configuration

Follow the steps precisely as shown in the images below:


Configuration: Keep the screen on, lock the WiFi, wake up the CPU, and auto-start Android on boot.

For the image, I use Centos, which aligns with my operating preferences. I've also experimented with Ubuntu and Debian.

sshSupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
vncNot SupportedSupportedSupported

I'm not sure about others' situations, but this setup works for me, so I chose Centos after considering all factors.

Click the "Edit Container Configuration" on the bottom right of the software:


Configure the account and password as you like, and adjust the image container size based on your device.

Please change the source address to a local source, search for "Centos local mirror source" for specifics.

The aarch64 architecture is determined through LinuxDeploy's status log.

In general, Android uses this architecture.

Key Point: It is advisable not to change the installation path from the default location in the system environment, as it may lead to errors and installation failures.


Centos with an arm architecture has many issues, but it still works well with applications like Baota and other binary-compatible applications.

Currently, my setup includes:

  1. BT (Baota)
  2. X-UI
  3. MCSM (Minecraft Server)

I also use local network tunneling, which allows external access to the content.

How to Use scrcpy for Local Network Screen Mirroring

To use scrcpy for local network screen mirroring on Android, install the ADB WiFi app and enable remote debugging with root privileges.


You can use local network tunneling at the "Wireless" section to extend beyond just local network devices.

Using FRP and MobileFun Toolbox

Please find a local network tunneling service provider, as I use the open-source software FRP for this purpose.

The MobileFun Toolbox is used to enable swap and zram on your phone.

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